Your Future Self

Bring today into the future, Bring the future into today.
Posted on April 04, 2017

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Is it even an option today to offer that kind of assurance for the future? Sometimes we would like to have a better idea of what the future has in store for us. It would allow us to project the decisions we make today onto our own future. How can I strike the right balance between how I live now and what I will need in the future?

We often ask ourselves questions that focus on our own plans for the future. How do I want to organize my life, both now and later on? Do I want to go for a conventional way of life and settle down in a lovely house? Or do I prefer a more adventurous life with no strings attached and not having to worry about the future? Or do I prefer financial security, to live autonomously, not reliant on others?

Or you find yourself pondering unwanted wildcards in your life, such as unemployment, divorce or even disability. How can you be insured against those? Which risk(s) are you prepared to take? How much financial buffer will give you peace of mind? How can you reach a certain level of financial stability that will afford you financial independence, both today and in the future?  

“Future Self”

The primary motivation behind the ‘Future Self’ project is the proven need to better plan your financial future and monitor your progress. How much buffer do I want in order to live carefree? How much do I need to put aside if I want to turn my aspirations for the future into reality? It does not matter if you are thinking of a new car, your own house or your pension, you will need to strike a balance between what you currently earn or could earn in the future, between how you prefer to live now and what you would like to have in the future. 

It is our challenge to answer these questions by building an app with new analytic tools and the availability of real time digital data. We bring the future into the present and translate the present into the future. What do I need to do today if I want to obtain a certain goal in the future? What will I own in the future if I put aside this amount of money every month? Am I still on schedule if I want to reach my goals and milestones? How am I doing compared to my ‘peers’? How much do they spend and save? Which buffers will they rely on when they are in need? 

Click on the image below to view the entire Future Self Project Presentation.

We developed an app that should offer you support in a simple and user-friendly way. It is based on all the financial data that you generate every day. It should allow you to gain a better insight into what you currently spend or have spent money on in the past. You could see it as big data but focused on you. Data analysis that will allow you to make better decisions. To keep things private or to share with others. Or just to have a great feeling because you are on schedule and have a hold on your (financial) life.