Research projects that focus on empowering people to make ends meet.

Through valuable research we get a better understanding of people’s needs and struggles related to their financial lives. How do people cope with problematic debt? And why do people find it hard to save money for a rainy day? The TFI Research Hub generates such insights from newly commissioned research and builds on existing knowledge to help individuals and households improve their financial decision making and wellbeing.

The TFI research community consists of over 700 experts from various fields and from numerous institutions and organisations worldwide. Since the start of the TFI in 2016, the TFI Research Hub has initiated around 45 short-term (lasting up to six months) and long-term research projects (lasting up to two years). Addressing a wide variety of challenges, these projects aim to uncover actionable insights to drive innovation and to improve people’s financial lives.

Besides the two research streams, the TFI attempts to localise her research efforts and uncover insights in collaboration with local organisations and institutions to make a direct impact.

The TFI Research Hub ensures that the knowledge from academic research is accessible and easy to understand. It does so by communicating research insights in multiple ways, including:

  • Blog stories in which behavioural insights from commissioned and existing research are highlighted;
  • Reports and summaries in which the research methods and findings of the TFI research projects are presented;
  • Events (e.g., workshops and symposia) at which insights and practical solutions are shared with diverse audiences.


The 'TFI Research Heat Map' is an overview to keep track of how many research projects have been done and commissioned by TFI per specific area of financial decision-making. This heat map helps us assess which areas are still under-researched. A more complete understanding of people’s financial decision-making on the individual, social and macro level is crucial for the next step - which goes beyond the research hub: coming up with solutions that can make a positive difference to people’s financial lives.

The "TFI Research Heat Map" consists of 2 dimensions: the type of financial behaviour (i.e. spending, borrowing, saving, investing, pensions and planning & insurance) and the level at which behaviour is studied (micro, meso, macro).

The "TFI Research Heat Map" helps us understand which areas have been covered. The darker the colour, the more research projects have been commissioned in this specific area. However, a dark colour does not necessarily indicate that we know enough about that area; it might require a deeper investigation.