TFI consumer research report on housing and mortgages in Europe

Posted on September 14, 2021

As the results of TFI’s survey by Ipsos show, when it comes to a budget item as big as housing, there are some big differences across Europe between renting and owning a home. What everyone has in common, however, is their outlook. Many think housing has become unaffordable, especially for younger people interested in buying a home. And people in some countries struggle to pay their rent. It’s yet another reminder of the urgency for us to find financial solutions for people to adapt to a changing reality in the housing market and beyond.

Stefan van Woelderen: “Although more than half of people in Europe are very satisfied with their current housing situation, a non[1]negligible part of the population has concerns. Twenty-three per cent of Europeans worry about being able to pay their rent or mortgage in the next six months.

Read all about it in our latest TFI consumer research on housing and mortgages in Europe.