TFI Consumer Research report on Financial Health

Posted on April 15, 2021

A year after it began and still counting, the global pandemic has –for all the suffering it has brought – not only shed light on how people think and act when it comes to their financial health. It has also taught us something about human resilience in the face of adversity.

The TFI Consumer Research on Financial Health shows that the majority of Europeans believe their financial health has been unaffected by the pandemic despite perceiving their wider nations as suffering more. The survey was conducted in February - March 2021 amongst 8000 Europeans in eight countries. Next to the perception of financial health, it dives into people’s ability to get a grip on their finances, the effects of financial distress and ways people learn about personal finances.

The extent to which people feel financially in control during the pandemic differs across countries, often depending on past economic strength and the availability of government support programmes during times of crisis.

The silver lining, even though the long-term implications of the past twelve months have yet to take full shape, is that people in every country surveyed believe their financial health will improve or at least stay the same a year from now. To make that a reality, we must keep our eyes open, work together and continue to boost financial resilience.

Download the report here