Practical solutions to financially navigate the coronavirus outbreak

The TFI start-ups are here to help you manage your money the best way possible
Posted on April 09, 2020

Many people have been directly or indirectly confronted by the coronavirus outbreak. For many of us, this will have financial consequences. Therefore, it is especially important to manage your money the best way possible.

The TFI start-ups are here to help you to stay in the best possible financial shape. Our start-ups support consumers with a wide range of tools, from increasing savings to tracking expenses and managing debt. Curious to find out which of these very practical and innovative solutions already exist that you could start using immediately?

Financial overview and budgeting (financial planning)

MoneyCoach and Zuper allow you to manage all your bank accounts with just one app. Set budgets for various expenses and track your spending against them, enabling you to take control of your finances. MoneyCoach provides an easy overview of your net wealth and tracks how much spending money is left till next payday. Zuper also provides extremely valuable insights that help you reach your budget and savings goals.

Spenderlog's app gives you an overview of your everyday grocery spending. The app fetches your invoices automatically and categorises the groceries you bought, helping you to find savings opportunities.

If you are part of a two family house hold with kids, 2Houses offers a solution to manage all expenses and share them across the two parents. It always shows what needs to be paid and by whom, to ensure that the accounts are balanced. One of the options available is to send payment invitations to the other parent.

Subscription overview and management to reduce spending

When money is tight, having a tight grip on one’s expenses is crucial. And it’s even better if there are direct savings opportunities. Dyme and BillButler are there to help you. Both companies enable consumers to automatically view all of their subscriptions in one app. The apps also send you notifications about upcoming payments, so that you’ll never be caught off guard. On top of that, Dyme and BillButler also look for the best deals in the market, finding the cheapest utilities providers in your area. What’s more, they are ready to take on the hassle of switching your providers—all you have to do is click! Any unwanted or forgotten subscriptions? Via these apps, you can automatically cancel them!


The coronavirus outbreak has reminded many of us of the importance of having a savings buffer to get through a tough time. It’s never too late to save for a rainy day, and Monkee makes saving more motivating than ever before. With just two clicks, you can save any amount quickly and easily—from anywhere and at any time. Monkee’s financial coach supports you on your way to achieving your savings goals, notifying about your progress and reminding you to save. This helps you to stay motivated and turn saving into an effortless habit. Next to that, Zuper also has a lot of neat tricks to help you stick to your saving goals. People using Zuper tell us that it helps them to reach their saving goals faster!

Debt management to improve your borrowing behaviour

Tully is helping people in dept to financially navigate through the corona outbreak in the UK. Tully has launched a national network to help anyone who has been financially impacted by the coronavirus crisis to get the payment relief they need from their lenders and service providers. They are working with businesses to take the strain off their call centres by giving their customers a quick and easy way to register for relief online. If you are experiencing debt problems, you can easily take advantage of a personalized online advisor with flexible repayment solutions.