Growth Track: Delivering unparalleled value

What you need to know about the Growth Track programme
Posted on April 15, 2020

The Growth Track is an accelerator programme for start-ups aiming to improve people’s financial health. It is tailored to each individual start-up’s growth needs and it aims to help them become more robust, build the right capabilities and most importantly scale their business.

First, we support start-ups with monthly workshops, expert sessions, and weekly mentor meetings. We cover the following 5 topics:

  • Growth strategy and strategic positioning
  • Tech and legal challenges
  • Sales and growth hacking
  • Nudging and gamification to improve financial decision-making
  • Scaling challenges in team and operations

Second, all Think Forward Initiative (TFI) partners open up their networks to connect start-ups to corporates and public organisations. This helps start-ups take their business to the next level by accelerating sales through finding new customers and/or expanding into new markets as well as strengthening their proposition or building a new proposition together. Through these partner collaborations we are able to connect start-ups to decision-makers and provide support throughout the deal-making process.

Third, the TFI Research Hub fuels start-ups with existing research in the social and behavioural sciences. We also offer the possibility to conduct new research with leading researchers in the field of behavioral economics. The existing and new research insights help each start-up to refine their offering (e.g. using behavioral science techniques such as nudging) and test hypotheses about how to target their customer more effectively and increase desired consumer behaviours (e.g. saving). It leads to additional growth and more users making the right financial decisions.

What kind of results can start-ups expect?

Our Growth Track Alumni are super enthusiastic about the programme, in fact, they rate it 4.8/5.0. They find that the practical support and high level of expert knowledge are the main advantages to the Growth Track programme. They also value the mentorship part, which gives unique access to their mentors’ network and ability to discuss key issues and concerns with experienced professionals.

The value we bring to the start-ups is reflected in their significant additional growth of 120%. To specify, the start-ups in the Growth Track achieve on top of their regular growth:

  • additionally 156% more downloads
  • additionally 196% more registrations
  • additionally 56% more active users

The extensive expert support helps start-ups to become more robust and business-focused, so that they continue to accelerate growth after finishing the Growth Track. As a result, several of our alumni are about to cross the 1 million users mark.

And in the short-term we boost scaling capacity e.g. lowering technology costs with 50% to free-up money that can be used for growth hacking.

This is what our Growth Track Alumni say:

Amazing expertise and practical help with operational challenges”

+11% ARPA (average revenue per account) in combination with growth in number of users”

“The Growth Track has widened my thinking and gave me a structured sense of direction as Founder and CEO”

390% growth and new business model with corporates launched”

“The strategic discussions we’ve had have helped us make important decisions about the direction of our business”

“The programme has introduces us to many useful tools and concepts. Really liked the focus on producing usable results

This is one of the programmes TFI runs to help improve the financial health of people. By accelerating the growth of start-ups, focused on financial health, we are able to reach more consumers across Europe. The success of the Growth Track enables us to move closer to our mission of empowering 100 million people to make better financial decisions. We are very proud of what the Growth Track has achieved so far, and we remain committed to continuing our journey!