The TFI Research Heat Map

Posted on May 27, 2019

The 'TFI Research Heat Map' is an overview to keep track of how many research projects have been done and commissioned by TFI per specific area of financial decision-making. This heat map helps us assess which areas are still under-researched. A more complete understanding of people’s financial decision-making on the individual, social and macro level is crucial for the next step - which goes beyond the research hub: coming up with solutions that can make a positive difference to people’s financial lives.

The "TFI Research Heat Map" consists of 2 dimensions: the type of financial behaviour (i.e. spending, borrowing, saving, investing, pensions and planning & insurance) and the level at which behaviour is studied (micro, meso, macro).

The "TFI Research Heat Map" helps us understand which areas have been covered. The darker the colour, the more research projects have been commissioned in this specific area. However, a dark colour does not necessarily indicate that we know enough about that area; it might require a deeper investigation.