Let’s start-up the Growth Track Engine

We are happy to announce the 8 start-ups that were selected for our 2019 Growth Track program.
Posted on November 01, 2019

Last week, the start-ups participated in a Selection Day which saw them pitch their business to a panel of industry experts. From this, we selected the businesses we deemed to have the most potential to positively impact the financial health of society. The businesses who were seen to have the most potential impact for helping us create a financially healthy society were selected.

In this 5-month Growth Track, we help start-ups take their business to the next level. Through the program, the start-ups are connected to a vibrant ecosystem of experts, mentors, innovators and potential customers.

The eight start-ups are as follows:

Salary Finance

Salary Finance partners with employers to offer financial wellbeing benefits that improve retention, productivity and employee engagement. Their mission is to help millions of people across the globe live healthier, happier financial lives.


Tully focuses on helping the 23 million people in the UK who are worried about money. They start by helping you build a budget online that helps you understand exactly what your money situation is, and from that they will help you work out a plan to make the most of your money.


Pirkx provides an employee benefits package tailored to everyone. Historically, benefits packages through work have only been available to employees of businesses, meaning that self-employed or contract workers didn’t get access to them. Pirkx focuses on providing this offering to everyone.


Monkee aims to motivates their users to save. It allows users to strengthen their financial fitness while fulfilling their small goals and big dreams. The users define their savings goals and then receive weekly targets to make these goals come true.


Mitto is a prepaid card for young people from 14 years on. Through the app, parents link a bank card, send money and their children receive it instantly; providing easy budgeting for parents while teaching children the value of money.


AdviceRobo creates software, which called Robots, that combine psychographics with alternative and other behavioural data, to increase approvals, protect risk in customer bases and reduce costs.


All your fixed expenses in one clear overview. Do you know what you’re paying every month? Dyme shows you automatically. Dyme imports your fixed expenses securely and quickly, and will show them in one clear overview to help you get clarity on your financial health.


OpSeeker leverages behavioural economics and gamification, harnessing technologies such as AI and an in-house developed chatbot to improve customer’s financial health.

We would like to congratulate all selected start-ups and are excited to kick-off the program on November 15th 2019. Stay tuned for updates on their journey.