Getting research insights into the hands of change makers

The Think Forward Initiative is currently piloting a Research Database that provides actionable insights that will help lead the way to producing great innovations and communication initiatives.
Posted on December 12, 2019

Over the past year, the Think Forward Initiative has been working on building a Research Database that seeks to turn academic research into useful, actionable and relatable research insights. The team is proud to announce that they’ve just launched their first pilot phase of this project.

During the pilot phase, the Research Database will be tested by innovators and communication experts across the financial health sector. The aim of this pilot is to identify whether the testers find the insights useful and whether they can use them within their businesses to drive innovation.

The Think Forward Initiative has a strong focus on linking research insights with innovation. This database is paving the way forward by providing more and more innovators and communication experts with access to best in class research from across Europe and the world.

The database seeks to help:

  • validate assumptions
  • enrich consumer content with real consumer insights and learnings
  • find consumer pain points that require technical solutions or policy interventions
  • identify opportunities in the market for real change and innovation.

The team hopes to have a consensus on the performance of the database by early 2020. Based on this they’ll begin working to develop and enhance the database and launch it more broadly in the course of next year. Stay tuned!