Do you have your head in the sand?

Through the eyes of a remarkably quirky looking ostrich, the Think Forward Initiative (TFI) launched a consumer awareness campaign that encourages you to make better financial decisions.
Posted on November 01, 2019

The campaign is based on the insight that people are caught in a loop of the same financial behaviour, and aren’t looking for information about becoming more financially aware.

That’s why TFI wants to evoke positive recognition, through the use of the ostrich, as this is the key to long term change. The advertising campaign approach is to create eyeballs first, offer a clear call to action, and then echo sequentially to remind the audience, and spur behavioural change.

42% of all European households and approximately 215 million people have difficulty making ends meet. People find it hard to invest into their individual and family’s future. That is why the TFI aims to solve this.

This campaign is only a fraction of what TFI does to drive greater awareness and impact around achieving a financially healthy society. However, through this campaign TFI hope to get people's attention. Because when it comes to thinking about your future financially, many of us bury our heads in the sand.

The campaign leads people TFI’s new platform called This platform was developed in collaboration with Three Coins. Their mission is to develop impactful educational products to increase financial literacy. is an extension of the media campaign, that sees people take part in a questionnaire which produces a 5 step plan to better money management. This plan is tailored to each individuals responses to the questionnaire. This is then followed up by a weekly newsletter offering bite-sized financial support.

The campaign includes valuable TFI research insights. These research insights helped to inform both the campaign and newsletters sent to consumers who signed up via our new platform

To start, the campaign will be launched in the UK and Germany. Based on the results, it will then be rolled out across more European markets.

To check out the campaign go here:

Take part in the questionnaire here.

Watch our videos here.