Winners of the TFI long-term research grant 2018

Posted on December 18, 2018

Twelve original and impact-driven research proposals were selected as winners of the Think Forward Initiative’s call for long-term research. We received an astonishing 92 submissions by researchers of various institutions across the world. This made the selection procedure a very competitive one. We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all applicants for their submission.

The Think Forward Initiative (TFI) has the purpose of empowering people to make better financial decisions. An essential part that supports our mission is research. With valuable research, the TFI is better able to understand people’s needs and struggles related to their financial lives to offer new insights to improve their financial health.

After peer-reviews and careful deliberation by the TFI research board, we are happy to announce the following 12 winners:

Impressed by numbers: offsetting uncertainty in financial decision-making by over-relying on seemingly exact numerical information

by Avri Bilovich (University College London); David Tuckett (University College London); Samuel Johnson (University of Bath)

Free and open source tools for analysing home purchasing decisions by Christopher Carroll (John Hopkins University / EconARK); Patrick Mogensen (University of Copenhagen / EconARK)

Dynamics and Determinants of Housing Tenure Choice in Europe by Pedro Gete (IE University); Athena Tsouderou (IE University)

Increasing engagement with retirement through personalised communication by Mark Graus (Maastricht University); Elisabeth Brüggen (Maastricht University); Joyce Augustus-Vonken (APG Netherlands)

Understanding and Reducing Income Prediction Bias for Workers in the Gig Economy by Dale Griffin (University of British Columbia); David Hardisty (University of British Columbia); Ray Charles Howard (University of British Columbia)

Tools for designers and users of financial architectures by Shabnam Mousavi (Max Planck Institute for Human Development); Gerd Gigerenzer (Max Planck Institute for Human Development); Shyam Sunder (Yale School of Management)

The impact of the sharing economy on household finance and local consumption by Tingting Nian (University of California); Vijay Gurbaxani (University of California)

Living gig to gig and paycheque to paycheque: What happens to financial decisions when you don’t feel in control? by Johanna Peetz (Carleton University); Jennifer Robson (Carleton University)

Dynamic Budget Monitoring: When Positive Feedback Leads to Increase in Spending by Anastasiya Pocheptsova (University of Arizona); Liang Huang (University of Arizona)

Do retail investors benefit from the use of a robo-advisor? by Vincent Skiera (University of California Berkeley); Martin Schmidberger (Goethe University Frankfurt / ING Germany); Martin Krebs (ING Germany)

Exploring the relationship of fairness in AI algorithms and banking consumer trust by Zoltan Szlavik (Centre for Advanced Studies IBM Netherlands); Michael Hind (IBM Research); Monique van Maare (IBM Research)

Putting it all out on the kitchen-table: Examination of couples' financial communication by Grant Donnelly (The Ohio State University); Ximena Garcia-Rada (Harvard Business School); Michael I. Norton (Harvard Business School); Jenny G. Olson (Indiana University Bloomington)

Congratulations to all the winners and success with your research!

We look forward to your valuable insights through which we can continue towards our mission of empowering people financially!

The TFI Research Board

Last edited: December 2018