TFI Research Challenge results

Funding awarded to research proposals
Posted on November 20, 2018

The Think Forward Initiative brings together a range of experts to find out how and why we make financial choices. We have a research hub to “discover” issues, an accelerator to “solve” them, and a community to support the process and share solutions.

The TFI has launched the Research Challenge as part of its research activities. The aim of the Research Challenge is to explore how existing research into how consumers make financial decisions can be made directly relevant to the lives of consumers. The ultimate aim is to have several of these ideas developed further into a proof of concept through the TFI accelerator program. We’re aiming to build or have a substantial impact on actual tools that will help people make better financial decisions.

“"Eight projects will be funded for further work from many that were submitted to the TFI Research Challenge."”

TFI Research Board

Eight projects will be funded for further work from many that were submitted to the TFI Research Challenge. These projects are:

  1. Garrett Meccariello and Tobias Nasgarde from the University of Pennsylvania. They propose an experiment to assess how consumers react to non-cash payments
  2. Tobin Hanspal and Claes Backman from Goethe University Frankfurt. They propose examining social links developed in multi-level marketing schemes and possible effects on the finances of individuals.
  3. Nikhil Paradkar from Georgia Institute of Technology. The author proposes looking at whether the social links involved in credit risks in peer to peer lending programs changes credit risk.
  4. Benjamin Timmermans from IBM. The author will look at the effect of financial warnings on irresponsible spending behaviour.
  5. Nathanael Vellekoop and Olga Goldfayn from Goethe University Frankfurt. The authors will examine how much variance personality traits explain access to and use of credit.
  6. Emma Woodley from Cowry Consulting. The author will look at young adults and financial control.
  7. Krzysztof Makarski and Joanna Tyrowicz from Foundation of Admirers and Mavens of Economics, Group for Research in Applied Economics. The authors will examine whether current saving patters can be adopted and increased to offset increasing longevity and prevent old-age insufficient income and poverty.
  8. Milo Bianchi from the University of Toulouse. The author will examine how financial literacy may lead to better investment decisions and thus reduce financial vulnerability

Congratulations to all our winners. We are excited to work together to help people make better decisions, and ultimately make a positive impact on both individuals and society.