“Showing the progress”

The third and final of three progress reports
Posted on January 26, 2017

The third and final post-Summit session took place in December as participants continued to work on the challenges formulated during the first Think Forward Summit last year, and began looking towards the future.

In the session, called “Showing the progress”, participants worked on improving research plans and practical solutions in each of the five project areas, evaluating key features and alignment.

For example, one project is about intra-household dynamics. The research involves looking into modern households, including their composition, lifecycle changes and how that effects decision-making. The practical solution is a proposed app for managing household finance—helping families meet their financial goals, understand the consequences, stimulate discussions as well as financial decision-making.

Preliminary results across the five projects were presented where possible. Another goal of the session was to gain insight into the working groups’ preferences for the TFI programme and Summit going forward.

These post-Summit sessions are attended by academics, policy-makers, consumer-organisation representatives, and leaders from the financial and technology sectors. Most were participants during the Summit last February 2016, who later committed to drive the progress of the Think Forward Initiative by joining a working group.

Working groups further developed the projects based on the outcome of the first and second round, called “Bringing the focus” and “Setting the direction” respectively. The session was the third and final before the second Think Forward Summit on 15 March.