First CEPR student prize goes to ...

... Matteo Benetto from London School of Economics
Posted on May 09, 2017

The CEPR Network on Household Finance has launched a prize for the best student paper in household finance presented at a network conference or workshop.

The purpose of the prize is to recognise academic excellence and potential of young researchers engaged in household finance, as well as their contribution to the field at an early career stage. The first such prize, sponsored by the Think Forward Initiative (TFI), was awarded at the CEPR Network’s European Workshop in Household Finance in Copenhagen, Denmark on 28 April 2017.

The first CEPR Household Finance Network Student Prize was awarded to Matteo Benetton, a PhD candidate from the London School of Economics. The paper was titled “Lenders’ Competition and Macro-Prudential Regulation: A Model of the UK Mortgage Supermarket”.

Matteo’s work was selected from an outstanding set of papers. The Steering Committee was particularly impressed by the development and estimation of a deep structural model of household demand and supply of residential mortgages, and its application to the important policy-relevant problem of optimal banking capital requirements.

The Steering Committee reviews all papers presented at its workshop or conference that were written exclusively by current PhD students. It ranks the papers, after they have been presented, according to originality, quality of research execution, and contribution to knowledge in the field. With this recognition, the CEPR HF Network aims at identifying particularly promising emerging scholars in household finance.

ING Group Chief Economist Mark Cliffe said: “The Think Forward Initiative is delighted to support the CEPR’s European Workshop on Household Finance, which showcases cutting-edge research on household decision-making. This is a clear example of how the TFI is supporting thought leadership which will help to make a real difference to people’s lives”

Mark added “I’m pleased to say that TFI partnership is continuing to grow. In addition to ING, the TFI now includes Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Microsoft, Dell EMC, Deloitte and Dimension Data, as well as an international network of over 500 academics, policymakers and industry experts. We look forward to developing and applying deeper insights into household decision making.”

About the Think Forward Initiative

The Think Forward Initiative is devoted to finding ways of helping people to make better financial decisions. ING has teamed up with partners including the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) Household Finance Network, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Dimension Data, and Deloitte. It is an open-source multi-disciplinary movement bringing together experts representing academia, governments, consumers, and the business world. A series of research projects have already been initiated with a view to developing original insights about financial decision-making, and applying them to create solutions to help households in relevant and timely ways. The Initiative is also raising public awareness with high profile international events.