“Setting the direction”

Second post-Summit session keeps momentum going
Posted on October 24, 2016

The second of three post-Summit sessions took place in September as participants continue to tackle the challenges formulated during the Think Forward Summit this past February.

It followed the first session in June called “Bringing the focus”, where participants worked to specify the kinds of consumer behaviour research that could be conducted to gain insight into how people make financial decisions. Based on that, participants then brainstormed ideas on which practical tools could be created to help them make better ones.

In the months following, teams continued to work on the project proposals, including both the research as well as the descriptions for the practical solutions or tools for consumers. In the second session, titled “Setting the direction”, participants focused on assessing, improving and sharpening the project proposals, including laying out the conditions for success.

The final round of sessions, called “Showing the progress”, was scheduled for December to further discuss the projects and to continue to work on delivering the first result towards the Think Forward Summit 2017

These post-Summit sessions are attended by academics, policy-makers, consumer-organisation representatives, and leaders from the financial and technology sectors. Most were participants during the Summit in February, who later committed to drive the progress of the Think Forward Initiative by joining a working group.