Deloitte is a new knowledge and innovation partner to the Think Forward Initiative

Posted on September 08, 2016

Deloitte is now a new knowledge and innovation partner to the Think Forward Initiative (TFI). Deloitte and TFI have announced their intention to cooperate closely on several projects to find out how and why we make financial choices. The goal is to use this to help consumers improve their financial decision making and to create solutions for society. 

Rapidly developing technologies enable us to radically improve and disrupt the future of financial services for consumers. At Deloitte, we believe that organizations around the world have the ability to harness the potential of these technologies and innovate, playing a significant role in shaping and influencing the role companies are fulfilling in the future.

"We believe that Deloitte will make an impact that matters. By joining this initiative we will continuously update our knowledge on how and why we make financial decisions. This new idea will enable us to create innovative solutions for society."

Hinko van Beek, Partner Deloitte

In the Think Forward Initiative, Deloitte will share research, subject matter experts and will participate in working groups and discussions. Deloitte has a proven innovation methodology, based on Customer driven innovation and Lean startup methodologies, which fits perfectly with the Think Forward Initiative objectives. This innovation methodology will be applied in co-creation with the Think Forward partners. Deloitte will help facilitate the process from idea to practical solution. Several  of the TFI working groups will be hosted in The Edge in Amsterdam, the award winning innovative and sustainable Deloitte office in Amsterdam.

By facilitating in-dept discussions with top- academics, policymakers, consumer organizations and leaders from the financial and technology sectors we try to address the specific issues to focus on in the near future in order to improve interaction with consumers.