Our Team

We aim to empower people financially

When it comes to financial decisions, it's important to know what we're choosing and why. To get to the bottom of this and help people to make better financial decisions with easy to access tools, we brought together a team with best-in-class expertise from various organisations. The aim of these joined forces is to complement different fields of expertise and experience.

Meet our core team:

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  1. Dagmar van der Plas TFI Lead (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  2. Joep Arends Accelerator Hub lead (Deloitte)

    Organisation: Deloitte

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  3. Stefan van Woelderen Research Hub Lead (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  4. Ana Paula Risson Community Hub Lead (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  5. Monique van Maare Accelerator Hub (IBM)

    Organisation: IBM

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  6. Adam Simpson Accelerator Hub (Amazon Web Services)

    Organisation: Amazon Web Services

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  7. Franziska Weissbach Accelerator Hub (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  8. Maria Ferreira Sequeda Research Hub Lead (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  9. Laura Straeter Research Hub (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  10. Harun Mahmutogullari Research Hub (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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  11. Roos van den Wijngaard Research Hub (ING)

    Organisation: ING

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The TFI Research Board: responsibilities and composition

The Research Board oversees the TFI research programme and makes sure that helping people make better financial decisions is supported by the best and most relevant TFI research projects (as well as other projects that could be included).

The Research Board decides on the selection and allocation of funding of TFI research projects; with help and advice from representatives from innovation, overall TFI & external referees.

Members with a vote in the TFI Research Board:

  • Professor Michael Haliassos (Goethe University Frankfurt and CEPR HFN)
  • Professor Paul Ormerod (University College London and Volterra)
  • Professor Fred van Raaij (Tilburg University)
  • Professor Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan)
  • Mark Cliffe (ING)

Advisor to the TFI Research Board:

  • Ian Bright (ING)

Vice-chair of the TFI Research Board:

  • Maria Ferreira (ING)

Chair of the TFI Research Board:

  • Stefan van Woelderen (ING)