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Empower people to make better financial decisions

The money talk
The money talk

The money talk

A game for parents and kids to laugh, learn and play their way to financial understanding. Because one of the most promising methods to teach children about money is to talk and practice! Each day there’s a new topic and a new activity to play with you

The money talk


42% of all EU households, approximately 215 million people, are not financially empowered and have difficulty to make ends meet.1 It is difficult for them to invest in their individual and family’s future, the Think Forward Initiative (TFI) aims to solve this.

The level of income is not the only reason why people might feel squeezed each month. Equally important are the small decisions that people make in their daily lives about how they spend their money. Although small, these decisions have a big impact on their financial well-being. This impact is even more significant when these decisions are not properly thought through and this can adversely affect a person’s financial well-being in the longer term.

1European Union Statistic on Income and Living Conditions (Eurostat, 2017)

The Think Forward Initiative is based on the belief that our society is better off when people make sound financial decisions. TFI’s Research Hub does cutting-edge, data-driven research in social and behavioural sciences to learn more about people’s decision-making. TFI’s Accelerator Hub translates research insights into innovations. It scouts and selects start-ups and supports them to scale faster and helps people to change their behaviour and improve their financial well-being. Lastly, TFI’s Community Hub promotes the activities of the other two hubs through our network of TFI community members, and it launches campaigns to ensure our work reaches the people that need it the most.

TFI sponsors and members

ING, Deloitte, Dell/EMC, Dimension Data, Amazon Web Services, and the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) are the core sponsors of the TFI. These sponsors are supported by a network of nearly 1,500 researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, consumer advocates, NGOs, innovators, corporates and influencers who share TFI’s aim to help empower people financially. The TFI is an open collaboration and is always looking for potential new members that can help augment TFI’s positive impact on the financial well-being of people.