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Amsterdam TFI Roundtable Meeting April 26th

On behalf of the Community Hub of the Think Forward Initiative (TFI), we would like to inform you of an upcoming Roundtable meeting that will be held Friday April 26th, at the Amazon Web Services Office in Amsterdam (Meester Treublaan 7). Those with experience in promoting financial well-being are encouraged to attend and actively contribute to this event.

The TFI is based on the belief that our society is better off when people make sound financial decisions. By combining data-driven research in social and behavioural sciences with innovative solutions, we can help people change their behaviour and improve their financial well-being. By assembling TFI contributors together for this Roundtable, we can develop collaborative activities that will be relevant to the TFI Community. This will provide us with the opportunity to better serve the financial health of Europeans.

The objectives of the Roundtable are as follows:

  • To bring a diverse set of TFI supporters together to discuss relevant topics on financial well-being and practical actions that could maximize the outreach and impact of the TFI and foster a network of like-mindedness among contributors
  • To better understand the top priority areas from TFI supporters, related to financial health, so they can inform the activities of the TFI Community
  • To provide an opportunity for TFI supporters to become aware of the relevant research insights and practical solutions that have emerged from the TFI Research and Accelerator Hub
  • To conceptualize and co-create collaborative activities that would strengthen the work of TFI supporters in enhancing the financial well-being of consumers

After reviewing the challenges, success factors and research findings related to the promotion of financial health, participants will break into smaller groups to conceptualize collaborative activities that would be useful to specific sectors in the TFI Community (Eg. Co-publications, Webinar/TedEx Series, national campaigns, concrete policy recommendations, etc). This will allow us to move forward with activities that will enhance our outreach and deepen our impact with the communities that we serve.

A draft agenda for the Roundtable can be found below:


Please enquire at if you are interested in attending this Roundtable meeting.


Contributors come from leading universities, research institutions, consumer organisations, NGOs and fintechs. These are the people leading the efforts behind the scenes, really bringing the Think Forward Initiative to life. Here are some of our people, listed alphabetically.

  1. Aidan O’Brien Senior Partner, Dell EMC

    “Few people get the chance to work on something that can change the world. We might however have a chance here with this project; being able to help 100 million Europeans make the end of each month a little bit easier motivates me to stay involved.”

  2. Andrea Weihrauch Assistant Professor of Marketing and Consumer Psychology, University of Amsterdam

    “Financial decisions are not easy, or sexy, or fun. That’s why so many people struggle with them. Technology can help us change that. It is our responsibility as researchers, and practitioners to take on that challenge together!”

  3. Andrzej Łoboź Experiment Lead GoTally
  4. Chantal Aafjes Customer Lead Jarvis
  5. Devie Mohan FinTech Industry Researcher, Co-founder and CEO of Burnmark, Initiative Lead Fince

    “Control over your finances is one of the most empowering, and challenging, necessities of life. However, most financial decisions are emotional rather than rational. Technology has great power to be the digital rationaliser of financial decision making.”

  6. Dimitris Mavridis

    “People’s resilience to the advent of life events depends on idiosyncrasies, resources, circumstances, but also on individual coping skills. Understanding what makes people overcome adversities is key in empowering them in their financial decision making.”

  7. Eric Groothedde Advisor Consumer Affairs, Dutch Banking Association

    “Upon reaching to let people make better financial decisions, there is no one size fits all. Some need education, others nudging, some need both. The challenge is finding the tailor-made recipe, realizing that the (social) context has a major impact on financial decision making, but is still quite elusive.”

  8. Erna Vitalariu Initiative Lead GoTally
  9. Felicia Goh Customer Lead GoTally
  10. Jared Penner Director of Thought Leadership and Consultancy, Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI)

    “The next generation of leaders need to be equipped with the skills necessary to make responsible financial decisions at different stages of their lives. We need more innovative ways of making financial education relevant and applicable for children and youth.”

  11. Jeroen Kamp Tech Lead GoTally

    “For our team, Demo Day represents everything we have been working on for the last 3 months. It all comes together on this day. Working in a multidisciplinary team; with people from both the corporate and startup world has been a great learning experience. I’m going to miss the immense learning curve we’ve experienced in doing this program.”

  12. Joep Paemen Partner, Flow Design Works

    “There are increasing opportunities to design, develop & implement financial solutions that truly respond to consumer needs, wants & fears. This initiative is an ideal platform for people from all kinds of backgrounds to contribute to co-creating this better future.”

  13. Katharina Norden CEO, Three Coins

    “Responsible financial behavior is a critical life skill in the 21st century. As actors in the private, public and social sectors, we all share a responsibility to support individuals who struggle with money to make the financial system work for them, not against them.”

  14. Leonore Riitsalu Non-profit Rahatarkus, University of Tartu, Estonian Business School

    “Planning personal finances for the longer term is a tedious job, it is much easier to find a good reason for not doing it today, this week or in the current economic situation.”

  15. Marten van Garderen Senior Economist, ING

    Senior Econoom at ING’s Economisch Bureau. Working since april 2007 for ING in this function.

  16. Martijn Rozemuller Managing Director, Head of Europe Think ETF’s | VanEck

    “I started Think ETF’s in 2008 from the notion that people needed better investment products to build a better financial future. Think Forward Initiative aims to help people to make better decisions in order to build a better financial future, so I gladly support TFI!”

  17. Martin Schmalzried Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

    “The Think Forward Initiative helps harnessing technology to help people solve everyday financial problems.”

  18. Merike Kukk Department of Economics and Finance, Tallinn University of Technology

    “Money is not a target but a tool to achieve our goals. We want people to choose the right tools so that they do not have to give up their goals.”

  19. Nathalie Spencer Behavioural Scientist, ING

    “Despite good intentions, some of our natural social-psychological tendencies make it hard to manage money well today and for the future. We should be designing products and education to work with these tendencies rather than against them.”

  20. Nick Watkins Head of Insight and Evaluation Money Advice Service

    “We know that unexpected bills and income shocks can have a huge impact on people’s finances. This research will help us to understand the best way of encouraging people to think more about their spending and to build a savings buffer.”

  21. Panos Papadongonas Researcher, Motivaction

    “Enabling people to make better financial decisions begins by looking through their eyes. Understanding the relationships among their deeply-rooted values, motivating factors and peer influence will allow creating financial services that help them to lead better lives.”

  22. Piotr Zielonka Professor at Warsaw University of Life Sciences

    “In many cases we cannot predict the future, but it does not stop us from trying. What we really can do is to reject prognosis which are passed on doubtful assumptions and seem more guessing than forecasting.”

  23. Rich Colbaugh Partner, Periander

    “Applying our novel machine learning methods to social media data enables future borrowing difficulties to be accurately predicted months in advance, and reveals that the predictors of these difficulties include the consumer’s emotions and social influences.”

  24. Roeland Jimenez Tech Lead Fince
  25. Ruth Bradbrook Director, Developing Youth Practice

    “"It's not until they know we care that they care about what we know". Relationships are key, especially when supporting young people facing challenging circumstances and transitioning to adulthood. There is no quick fix, this process takes time and commitment.”

  26. Sara Fernandez Experiment Lead Fince

    “The last 3 months have been a roller coaster ride, with plenty of ups and downs. But if I look back at all that we’ve accomplished, I feel very proud. Demo Day is not the end but actually the beginning of something new. We are all very excited for what’s to come! I have learnt alot from the entire program, but the thing that has had the biggest impact on me was the people I’ve met. I really enjoyed it. Working in the startup way, thinking out of the box… These are all definitely things I’m going to miss!”

  27. Simon Bailey Director of Partnerships and Innovation, Aflatoun

    “To improve financial decision making we need to work across organizational and sector boundaries and to start young.”

  28. Steffie op de Laak Initiative Lead Jarvis

    “This program has been all about energy, and reaching the next level. What I liked most about this whole journey was creating our great product: Jarvis. It was great having such a high energy team around me. I’ve really built some lasting friendships in the process. And Demo Day is really a day of celebration – it is a day where everything comes together. The team, the process, the energy and finally, the results of what we’ve been working on these past 3 months.”

  29. Vlad Cozma Tech Lead Jarvis
  30. Yassin Zouli Customer Lead Fince