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The money talk
The money talk

The money talk

A game for parents and kids to laugh, learn and play their way to financial understanding. Because one of the most promising methods to teach children about money is to talk and practice! Each day there’s a new topic and a new activity to play with you

The money talk

The community is where all who can help make better financial decisions connect and collaborate and where TFI insights and solutions are communicated with impact to consumers


The TFI Community Hub is where our members connect, collaborate and network, and where we communicate insights with consumers that can have a positive impact on their financial well-being. TFI Community members come from various sectors such as academia, civil society, government, and the private sector. Three successful summits, regular working group meetings, along with regular social media campaigns, have allowed our members to interact with and reach a wider audience. For example, impact hacks have been designed by the TFI community to maximize the outreach of insights to consumers through a variety of social channels. Launched in September 2018, these hacks have already reached over 4.2 million people.


We are focused on bringing together researchers who provide insights, and experts and contributors that use these insights to directly or indirectly reach and impact the consumers. We want to make an everyday impact on consumers and empower them through various methods to make better financial decisions.


We are aiming for a vibrant community of contributors including researchers, universities, influencers, think tanks, innovators, policy makers, and other organizations. Through our TFI platform you can get involved with other experts and collaborate to create content or tools to reach consumers.

Why join?

By becoming a member of the TFI Community, you can play a role in fostering greater financial capability among consumers. You will also have the opportunity to make proposals for the TFI agenda for the coming years, co-develop viable solutions and make them available to consumers through your own channels.

Be the first:

  • To get a notification of our new insights (and solutions) before publication
  • Get invited to our exclusive events and bootcamps such as the yearly TFI Summit, quarterly roundtable discussions and group specific events with researchers, organisations, start-ups and ING units

And there is more:

  • Opportunity to make a societal impact by improving the lives of 100 million people together with TFI partners and the TFI community
  • Ability to connect, collaborate, and co-create with leading experts, decision-makers, and innovators
  • Provide input on future research topics and make use of available data and funding for research
  • Share your insights and solutions through TFI’s and third party channels
  • Participate in TFI conferences and working groups
  • Provide advice, mentoring and other forms of support to start-ups via the TFI Accelerator
  • Build and improve solutions through the TFI Accelerator

We want to make an everyday impact on consumers and empower them through various methods to make better financial choices