Growth Track: sales execution & growth hacking

Posted on March 18, 2019

How to lay bare hidden growth potential, make the most use of it and sell your product. The third workshop of the growth track was all about sales execution and growth hacking.

For each startup to reach more consumers, it is important to know the tactics of selling their solution and growing their customer base. Therefore, this workshop focused on sales execution and growth hacking. As Dell EMC, one of our TFI partners, has an impressive record and experience in sales, they opened up their doors for us in their Amsterdam office.

Out of the box sales strategy
Patrick van Coolwijk, general manager of Dell EMC, gave the eight startups a warm welcome. This warm awakening quickly transformed in a high energy session as René van Stein took the floor. Van Stein has many years of experience as the director of his own sales consultancy agency. He provided the startups with useful frameworks and hands-on tools to improve their sales. He stimulated the teams to think out of the box:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

After this energizing kick-starter of the day, Erik de Vreede from Digital Natives shared his insights. Digital Natives is an Amsterdam-based agency that creates tailor-made digital platforms. De Vreede shared his idea on doing sales when expanding your company. He explained his vision on how to approach different people in corporate organizations and how to come across as a professional organization. One of his simple, yet true lessons: do what you promise to do.

Lastly, Dusty van Steekelenburg, Head of Growth at We Are Off The Record, took the stage to discuss his insights on growth hacking. This digital growth agency leverages hidden opportunities and investments lying dormant in a company. With examples from Facbook, Spotify and Airbnb, he elaborated on how certain type of methods can help your company flourish. For example, did you know that having one ‘North Start Metric’ is crucial for keeping you focused on the right growth?

Tailor-made expertise
Despite these expert talks, the startups were not given any rest during lunch. Instead, they had a discussion about a topic to their choosing: B2B sales, B2C sales and growth hacking or how to manage a company. The young entrepreneurs shared their insights and learned from each other’s views. After lunch, each startup went their separate way in three rounds of expert rounds. These experts were selected based on expertise much needed by the startups. These hours revolved around concrete and hands-on advice, which was much appreciated by one of our entrepreneurs:

“It seems like the programme is getting to know us better and better. The experts were chosen very well to help solve our challenges.”

Next on the menu: research & gamification
Using the experts’ advice as input, the startups were asked to make action plans for the upcoming month. This prepares them for the next phase: research, nudging and gamification. Stay tuned to read about the upcoming workshop on this topic!