The Think Forward Initiative: moving from incubation to growth

Posted on December 22, 2017

As we reach the halfway mark of the TFI Accelerator’s ‘Incubator’ track, preparations are also underway for phase 2 of the program. Through this next growth track, we will fuel startups with their impact ambitions. This fits well with our aim to create actionable impact in the areas offinancial empowerment.

Getting ready to scale: a tailored approach for growth

On March 5th, 2018, we begin phase 2 of the program – the growth track. The goal is to help purpose-driven startups scale their impact potential within their respective markets.

The unique value proposition is threefold:

1. Multiple-strategic partners supporting the impact startups can make by helping them grow

2. No-equity, part-time program

3. Tailored to individual growth needs

These ingredients create a robust platform to expand within Europe, with an emphasis on real-traction. Our partners will provide a combination of technical and subject matter support. Through these partners’ networks, startups will gain valuable access to business units, data and internal expertise in the areas of open and platform banking, growth marketing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and compliance, etc.

Additionally, the comprehensive onboarding process that takes place in late January 2018 will set a good foundation by giving us a better understanding of what each startup’s growth needs are. With this knowledge, we will curate a program that suits their growth ambitions.

Scaling impact: apply now!

A call for applications is now open, and the official selection process will continue until late January 2018. We are looking for incorporated fintech startups (B2C), with a social impact focus and an existing base of over 10,000 active users in Europe. You can find more information on the growth track, the selection criteria and our unique value proposition via

If you’d like to apply for the program, you’ll be required to fill in an application

Also, feel free to share this link within your network if you want to recommend startups for this program!

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via