TFI welcomes 8 startups in their growth track

Posted on December 17, 2018

The Think Forward Initiative was looking for existing startups who are impacting the lives of people in the areas of smart spending, good saving, generating income and financial literacy to join their Growth Track. During this Growth Track the startups will receive a tailor made programme to help them scale their capabilities and capacity.

After 4 weeks of scouting and many applications, we invited 14 promising startups to our selection day to decide on the final participants of the Growth Track.

The intensive selection day took place on December 4th, at Amazon Web Services, one of TFI’s brand new partners. The day started with a welcome session, presented by Joep Arends (Accelerator Hub lead of the TFI), followed by a one-minute pitch of each startup present. The inspirational location provided us with several break out rooms, where all the interviews hosted by TFI and a few of its partners; ING, Deloitte, Dimension Data, Dell EMC, and Amazon Web Services, took place.

“It was amazing to meet so many great start-ups that are – each in their own way - empowering those in need to make better financial decisions.”

Sander Buijsrogge, Deloitte

During the interviews, the jury examined whether and how the startups met the selection criteria and if they could reach/contribute in the goal to empower 100 million people to make better financial decisions. After each interview, the interviewers had to fill in an evaluation form where they had to assess and rank the startups on its matching level with TFI.

14 interviews later, at the end of the day, the TFI squad gathered together and compared the outcomes of the interviews. After a short deliberation eight successful startups were selected based on their match with the TFI’s purpose and they will be joining our mission to deliver great social impact!

“Innovation with purpose! That is what these eight startups represent, together with loads of energy and enthusiasm.”

Roelof Derickx, Dimension Data

The startups;

We are happy to announce the following eight selected startups and the people that pitched them to our TFI team:

Billbutler - Gareth Main and Gurvinder Bassi

With Billbutler, consumers can view and track all their utility bills in one place. It also provides insights to better deals.
Switch, and save money!

Spenderlog – Camilla Kerlauge and Maria Flyvbjerg Bo

Spenderlog is keeping track of consumers’ spending by scanning their receipts and providing feedback on where and how they can improve.
Build new habits, and stay motivated!

2houses - Gill Ruidant

2houses helps separated parents and families to communicate and become (more) organized for the well-being of their children.
Reduce conflicts with this neutral platform!

Minna technologies - Christopher Svensson and Joakim Sjöblom

Minna technologies helps consumers to keep track of all their subscriptions by means of a personalized and accessible overview. The platform also provides notifications with changes in subscription costs and helps customers with only one click to cancel their subscription services.
Receive useful notifications and cancel/switch effortlessly from your subscription!

Moneyhub Enterprise - Sam Seaton

Moneyhub categorizes consumers’ transactions and creates a spending analysis to provide insights where your money goes to. Next to this, Moneyhub offers a tool where you can set spending goals.
Set your goals, receive nudges and talk to an expert!

Peerby – Daan Weddepohl

80% of consumer’s products are not being used more than once per month. Therefore, Peerby has provided a solution. Peerby is a Dutch sharing economy platform, where consumers can offer their products for other consumers to lease.
Be sustainable and save money at the same time!

ERNIT - Thomas Bjerring

The ERNIT app is the world’s first kids friendly app that teaches kids how to manage digital money is a visual and fun way.
Teach and reward kids how to save money with some fun!

Zuper - Tobias Ruetz

Zuper focuses on improving your financial health by sending small reminders and nudges every week. It is a personal money coach that helps people budget and save.
Become zuper financially healthy!

We are looking forward working together with these startups!