Second phase of the Growth Track

by Petra Zaal
Posted on February 18, 2019

On February 15th 2019, the second workshop of the growth track of the Think Forward Initiative was a big success!

8 startups
The Think Forward Initiative aims to help 100 million people make better financial decisions. The Accelerator Hub selected these 8 innovative startups to contribute to this mission. BillButler, for instance, will collect all your utility bills in one place, enabling you to find cheaper services. 2Houses addresses responsible financial decision-making by developing an app that helps divorced people keep track of the expenses for their children. The Growth Track of the Accelerator Hub, led by Deloitte, will help these startups grow their capacity and scale faster. They will attend a series of monthly workshops and collaborate with relevant experts, partners and research institutes to tackle any challenges they might have and to further develop their solutions.

1 workshop, 24 experts
This second workshop focused on technology and legal challenges. We kicked off the day with an inspirational talk by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert Guy Kfir. He introduced the startups to use cases to get a tangible feel for what is possible with AI and ML for their own companies. Then the startups each attended three expert sessions for a one-on-one deep-dive in their challenges and to get a head start on solving them. The experts ranged from legal experts on PSD2, to strategists, to solution architects from Amazon Web Services. These solution architects reviewed the structure of the startups in order to optimize for speed and cost of scaling.

Next steps
This workshop introduced technology and legal challenges for the upcoming month. However, it won’t be long before the next topic is introduced. From half March to half April the theme of the Growth Track will be sales strategy and growth hacking. Stay tuned to read about the upcoming workshop.