Who will get to their savings goal first


Are people not interested in savings?

While research states that social norms have a strong influence on our behavior, it doesn’t prove the influence of social norms, on saving behavior. Read on more.

Our fieldwork revealed that about 40% of people do not have buffer savings. They are more focused on enjoying their current lifestyle and aren’t usually aware that it is a problem not to save – until circumstances change – and there is a need to dip into ‘savings’. These insights, combined with other revalations from our experiment designs, led us to focus our solution on “lifestyles”.


Empowering effective, worry-free spending, according to unique lifestyles

We are currently exploring different personas within the millenial demographic:

  • someone who bears the recurring responsibility of organising and managing budgets for social group events
  • someone who wants to save for a specific goal but does not know where/how to start

There is a gap in terms of tools that tap into people’s lifestyle behaviors to aid budgeting or saving.

Apart from testing different value propositions relating to traveling and organising social activities we are also exploring the possibility of tapping into interest groups where we match people with similar (interest related) goals anonymously and spur them on to achieve said goals by means of ‘competition’.

Opportunities to engage

We are keen to work with businesses, who have an interest in the customer problems we're exploring and have specific insights into 'group savings'. Additionally, we are also looking for opportunities to tap into millennial communities, for our user experiments.