Growth Track

Growth track

The growth track is working with start-ups who are impacting the lives of people in the areas of smart spending, good saving, generating income and financial literacy. Tailored to individual growth needs, this five-month track developed by Deloitte, with their start-up[at]scale proposition and with growth track partner Think Forward Initiative, offers opportunities for collaboration with relevant experts, partners and research institutes.

Impact solutions can create a big change for many people when applied on a large scale

The growth track runs simultaneously in two parts:

1. Capacity and capability building

In the capacity and capability building part, entrepreneurs will get access to the knowledge and know-how needed to tackle some of the growth hurdles they face.

With the support of consultants and experts from multiple institutes and corporates, start-ups are supported to scale. This part consists of useful workshops, mentor meetups, expert sessions and relevant topic specific events that will provide start-ups with the tools needed to build solutions that will address the challenges society faces. Participating start-ups will meet once a month and focus throughout this part on the following five core themes:

  1. Strategic positioning and growth strategy
  2. Technology and legal challenges
  3. Sales strategy, growth hacking & execution
  4. Research, nudging and gamification
  5. Scaling challenges in team and operation

The Think Forward Initiative growth track is unique because both the workshops and expert sessions will be tailored to your specific challenges within each theme.

2. Matchmaking

In this part, we want to help start-ups take their business to the next level by scaling alongside partners. The matchmaking part will run simultaneously with the capacity and capability building part and focusses on matching start-up solutions to both relevant business units within the different corporate partners, as well as their clients, to establish pilot projects. Matchmaking runs for 2.5 months, after which a GO/NO-GO moment will determine if it is useful to continue the matchmaking support based on the feedback of potential partners. TFI will open doors for start-ups to relevant decision makers and support them throughout the deal-making process.

Process of the matchmaking part:

  1. Exploration meeting to discuss the potential match to pilot initiators
  2. Validate the strategic match with an industry expert
  3. Meeting preparations with the right business contacts within the TFI network to tailor your sales presentation to the needs of the decision maker
  4. Start with the first meeting, in some cases TFI joins to facilitate the introduction
  5. Follow up meetings to determine a pilot project with support in deal making and pilot design

What we offer

This is a fully tailored growth track designed to help a start-up scale fast. To enable this, the track has two tailored parts running simultaneously – a capacity and capability building part to accelerate start-up growth, and a matchmaking part to test the business case within the right industry and with the right people to scale-up further by collaborating with corporates.

Matchmaking and sales activities through the growth track strategic partnerships

Collaboration with experts, mentors and research institutes, to support in your scaling needs

Strong publicity via the TFI channels and community members and media channels of our partners

Kick-Off Start-up scaling program 2021

At the beginning of April, the Think Forward Initiative kicks-off the ‘2021 Scaling Program’; a customized program for our financial health start-ups to help them increase their impact.

The scaling program of this year will focus on three elements: growth, nudging and technology.

  • The growth part focuses on creating more impact by reaching more users.
  • Next to growth, we specifically focus on promoting the right financial behavior by implementing nudges. A good example of such a nudge is implementing a button to propose to save money by ‘’automatically’’ getting a better deal via the Dutch fast-growing startup Dyme.
  • Thirdly, with the technology element we focus on assessing the current technology of the startups for improvements in order to enable scaling and/or the implementation of new technical features.

After developing a sound growth plan, we will mobilize the right experts for these three elements and work hands-on in co-creation to realize the growth plan to improve the financial health of thousands of additional people across Europe. We made a selection of start-ups that perfectly match our 2021 scope: reduce unnecessary spending and/or create a short term saving habit.

We proudly present to you: Moneyhub, Monkee, Pirkx, Dyme, MoneyCoach and Quinn! We will keep you updated on their progress throughout the year. Learn more about our scale-ups in our spotlight series.