Fintech For Good: These 4 startups are on a mission to help you.

Posted on March 27, 2018

Fintech’s Social Impact Imperative

Fintech has gained significant momentum in the past years where technology-focused startups and new market entrants have been able to innovate and disrupt traditional financial services. Indeed, financial technology is a game-changer for the the future of digitalisation and financial innovation.

Interestingly enough, what we’re seeing in that very same wave is also how fintech’s social impact is augmenting. Pioneers and innovators in financial technology services are increasingly using their skills to set up businesses to help solve social and economic challenges.

That brings us to the current batch of our growth track startups, who are each, in their own way, financially empowering different segments of society.

Over the next weeks, our “Fintech For Good” blog series will dive into the stories behind these companies: What kind of impact are their solutions are having? What’s new and what are they currently working on? What are some of the biggest challenges they face as growing companies, in today’s environment? What are their visions for the future of their solutions? All this and more in the stories to come!