Empowering start-ups to make an impact

The challenge

When it comes to financial decisions, it’s important to know what we’re choosing – and why. Because although we like to see ourselves as sensible and logical decision-makers, studies continue to show that our decisions are driven by many other (often subconscious) factors.

Is it too hard to imagine and consider our future needs over our current needs? Does the abundance of choice help us or hinder us? From small decisions on impulse purchases to potential life-changing decisions on mortgages and pensions, financial choices are rarely easy.

For Social Good

AWS, CEPR, Dell Technologies, Deloitte and ING came together to form the Think Forward Initiative (TFI). A multi-year movement bringing together experts representing governments, academics, consumers, and the financial and technology sectors to research and analyse the challenges people face when making financial decisions and help build solutions to effectively empower them.

The Programme

In the Accelerator Hub we activate research insights through new innovations and tools that will help consumers. In the Growth Track we help selected start-ups to scale faster (start-ups with at least 7000 active users).

One great idea can have a big impact for many people when applied on a large scale

Incubator track

In this track, entrepreneurial teams will focus on utilising the research insights brought forth by TFI and turning them into useful solutions in service of society’s financial empowerment. They will go through a special program consisting of useful workshops, mentor meetups, coaching sessions and relevant industry events, that will provide them with the tools they need to build solutions that will address the challenges society faces.

Growth track

In this track, we help start-ups take their business to the next level and scale-up further. Through the program, the start-ups are connected to a vibrant ecosystem of experts, innovators and potential customers. Start-ups for this track are carefully scouted and selected based on quality and potential impact.