An initiative that
Empowers to make better financial choices

Life is full of financial decisions. Our goal is to find out how and why people make certain choices, and help them make better ones.


We generate insights from newly commissioned research and existing knowledge.

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The Think Forward Initiative aims to improve the lives of people around the world by helping them achieve better financial health.

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The community is where TFI’s experts connect and collaborate, and how its progress and impact are communicated to the world.

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Knowing what, why and how you choose

What kind of mortgage is right? How much should a person save for retirement? And did you know social media posts can predict one’s ability to repay a loan? Determining the subconscious and sometimes mysterious factors that can influence people’s finan

Finding new solutions to an older problem

The Think Forward Initiative Impact Accelerator provides start-ups and scale-ups with guidance and resources to develop new solutions to issues identified in our research. We combine insights from research and innovation to create tangible tools that c

Join the Think Forward Initiative community

We spread our insights, knowledge and cutting-edge research about financial decision-making through regular events. An example is the annual Think Forward Initiative Summits.

Bringing together the best in their field

The Think Forward Initiative community consists of experts representing governments, researchers, consumers, fintechs and the financial and technology sectors. With their wide range of expertise and experience, they’re coming up with new insights about