Think Forward Initiative

We make hundreds of decisions every day. Most of them are so small we don’t even realise we’re making them. But others have consequences so big that they keep us awake at night. Many of these have to do with money.

With most decisions, it’s important to know what we’re choosing—and why. Because although we like to see ourselves as sensible and logical decision-makers, studies continue to show that our decisions are driven by other, often subconscious, factors.

Is it too difficult to imagine and consider our future needs over our current needs? Does the abundance of choice help or hinder us? We’ve all been there.

That’s why we started the Think Forward Initiative (TFI), a multi-year movement bringing together experts representing governments, academics, consumers, and the financial and technology sectors.

We’re conducting research to find out how and why we make financial choices, and then applying these insights to develop actual tools that can help people. Our goal is a financially resilient society where people make conscious and informed choices about their money. With TFI, we aim to improve the lives of 100 million people.

To be most effective, TFI is set up with a research hub that will “discover” issues and an accelerator that will use innovation to “solve” them. The community is where TFI’s experts connect and collaborate, and how its progress and impact are communicated to the world.

• The research hub: where knowledge is created, curated and coordinated. Where research projects are initiated and developed. Where we collect, evaluate, distribute and promote impactful research and data.

• The accelerator: a programme running in three-month cycles where start-ups and corporate teams actively build the tools that help people make better decisions. Ideas are prioritised based on quality and potential impact. One great idea can have a big impact for many people when applied on a large scale.

• The community: an online platform and offline network where great minds come together to discuss and sharpen their ideas. How TFI’s insights and solutions are communicated to the world.

Knowing how and why people choose

Are our financial decisions based on what we know, or who we are?

How do we make choices, and how can we make better ones?

Does the abundance of choice help us or hinder us?

The Think Forward Initiative was started by a diverse team of partners, consisting of ING, the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Dell/EMC, Deloitte, and Dimension Data. It’s open to anyone with something valuable to contribute.

Stay tuned

Join us over the next five years as we unravel the decision-making behind human behaviour. Whether participant or observer, come along as we bridge the gap between research and innovation, using what we discover to help both start-ups and corporate teams build tools that will help people. Join us in our quest to help people make better financial decisions.