Think Forward Initiative

What kind of mortgage is right for you? What are the potential pitfalls of a student loan? When should you start planning your pension?

Knowing what – and why – you choose

When it comes to financial decisions, it’s important to know what we’re choosing — and why. Because although we like to see ourselves as sensible and logical decision-makers, studies continue to show that our decisions are driven by many other (often subconscious) factors.

Is it too hard to imagine and consider our future needs over our current needs? Does the abundance of choice help us or hinder us? We’ve all been there. From small decisions on impulse purchases to potential life-changing decisions on mortgages and pensions, financial choices are rarely easy.

That’s why we started the Think Forward Initiative (TFI), a multi-year movement bringing together experts representing governments, academics, consumers, and the financial and technology sectors. We’re conducting the right research to find out how and why we make financial choices, and then applying these insights to develop actual tools that can help people — tools that are personal, relevant and timely.

The idea is to truly think forward — towards a horizon that stretches beyond tomorrow

The Think Forward Summit

TFI is an initiative of ING with partners including Microsoft, Dell EMC, Dimension Data, Deloitte and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

It kicked off with a Summit in February 2016, with a second Summit on 15 March 2017 keeping the momentum going. The Summits provide an opportunity for participants to come together and make real progress, setting the path for the following year’s focus points and milestones.

Stay tuned

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